Who am I?

Hello, I am Janne Jalkanen, and this site is my web log (see the BloggerCode for me).

I currently work as a Chief Engineer at SOK, a part of the S-group. However, I am writing as a private person, and nothing written on this blog should be considered an official opinion of the company. I represent myself, not the corporation. (And please don't bother them about me, either. ;-)


Janne is a tinkerer, dreamer, dad and a hardcore geek. He has worked in the past from industries big and small: from a Virtual Reality researcher to testing code for spacecrafts; from doing corporate strategy to Nokia to being the CTO of an internet start-up. Janne is sometimes referred as the godfather of Near Field Communications for his role in driving the technology into the Nokia portfolio and in standardization. Janne is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and has been managing open source projects on and off for the past ten years. On his spare time he's a dad to two children, and enjoys playing go and role playing games, reading, and driving a bicycle.

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If you get a strange urge to talk to me, you can catch me from the following places:

Some more, perhaps more descriptive things about me

Venture forth on these pages, but be prepared for a sudden boredom attack:


Sometimes I get this urge to blorp out words in a random order. Whenever my SEPU (Self-Esteem Protection Unit) crashes, I put them on the internet:


Jotain olen kirjoittanut myös suomeksi, pääasiassa blogeista:


Things that form a clear episode of my life: blogged, cut, edited and deep-fried for your viewing pleasure.

Stuff that I work on these days

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