Google is still smart, but the "not evil" I am not too sure about

As I said, Google's purchase of Youtube was not the act of a dumb company. However, this intriguing email suggests that Google's deal with the entertainment industry is very smart, but it may be sacrificing the "we're not evil" bit.

The email claims that the media companies have a) figured out a way to get money from Youtube without paying the artists themselves, and b) Google required them to start suing the competition on copyright infringement, essentially killing them.

If the email is true, then Google's "we're not evil" is starting to sound like a Mafia boss saying "I did not do anything wrong", while his associates are the ones who killed everyone.

(Via Ɯberkuul.)


It's also interesting that Google recently bought JotSpot...

--ChuckSmith, 06-Nov-2006

I think Google's "Don't be Evil" mantra is still pretty true for the end-users. At least I haven't heard too many cases in which they would have "done evil" to the end-users. But about what they do with other companies, you start to hear all kinds of stories...

--Tommi Vilkamo, 06-Nov-2006

Chuck, yes, and now I'm thinking if I should've actually gone commercial with JSPWiki ;-)

(After thinking about it, I figured that no, I still would've rather kept my current job.)

--JanneJalkanen, 06-Nov-2006

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