Nostalgia on the fast lane

It's time to take a look at my statistics, now that I have been up and running for six months:

  • Average page views for the past two months: 11,000/month, total of 47,000 (126,000 requests).
  • 51% of my readers come from .fi -domain
  • The most popular referrer is the pinseri bloglist, with raible designs around half the amount.
  • The most popular search words to this site are (in order), put together in phrases: "butt ugly people" and "buttugly pictures of kylie minogue" (Sorry, Kylie)
  • And obviously, my most popular page is HowToMinceAHamburger, which has twice the amount of accesses of any other individual page :-).

Draw whatever conclusions you will, but to me it really seems that most people are really only interested in sex (and if Kylie's butt ain't sexy, I don't know what is) and food.

Hooray for the Internet, which allows us to gain these incredible insights into human psyche.

Shall I continue blogging? Of course. This has really taught me so much, and it seems that I am learning at an geometric rate (I might even become self-aware in a while), not to mention all the cool, interesting, wacky, annoying, despicable, wonderful and new people I have met.

Besides, it's a good egobooster and a conversation subject these days :-).


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