Finnish bloggers awarded

From Yle 24:

Prestigious state awards for disseminating information went this year to eight persons or groups. Among the recipients was an diving instructors' Internet site. After the tsunami hit in December, they published badly-needed information about Finns caught up in the disaster.

The award went to, with Alex Nieminen, Petri Ahoniemi, Janne Miikkulainen, Matti Anttila, Sami Köykkä, Mimmu Pekkanen, and Kalle Valkama for "fast and professional internet information dissemination during a crisis".

(A timeline of the events in English can be found here.)

Congrats to all! Good work, and rightfully awarded!


Just noticed, link to is broken.

--galious, 31-Mar-2005

Thanks, fixed it.

--JanneJalkanen, 31-Mar-2005

Hi! I think there's a documentary about blogs on Finnish telly tonight, on A-Studio. At least from the ad it looks like it, they mention the Kallio Blog and says "Kännykkäalan työpaikat vaarassa: Nokia on vähentänyt ostoa suomalaisilta alihankkijoiltaan. Kansalaisjournalismi voitti tsunamitiedotuksen: Blogit haastavat valtamediat."

--Hugo, 20-Jun-2005

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