War on!

I've destroyed the last couple of nights by engaging in playing Battle for Wesnoth, a free (as in "under GPL") role-playing game. While it's no World of Warcraft, it's still pretty awesome. If you get easily hooked on turn-based strategy games like Civilization or the infamous Nethack, you could spend many long hours with Wesnoth...

It's a wonderful little game, and it's all free. Available on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. It's even available for the good, ol' Amiga and a lot of operating systems you might have never heard about).

It also serves as a great trip down the memory lane to those long nights that you spent playing games instead of studying for the exams at the university... Erm. Not that I ever did that. Really.

Stop laughing. I have to get this music out of my head.


I agree. I was addicted to Wesnoth about 3 years ago and it is GOOD indeed.

--kauppi, 31-Jan-2008

Me too. I played it for quite some time few years back and just installed it on my computer for my latest over the atlantic trip. It was great pastime for a long flight; never has a 10 hour flight felt so short.


--MikkoSarela, 31-Jan-2008

another great little game is trancendance.. workd in linux an windows

--AnonymousCoward, 04-Feb-2008

Thanks for the tip, AC! Do you have a link?

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Feb-2008

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