No, not the car

I managed to avoid this game for the longest time, but on Saturday morning I played my first round of golf. As you can see from the result (41 on an course with 18 par) I might still need to train a bit more.

But I have to admit that I did feel the tender touch of the feet of the golf bug, walking on my skin. I can easily see why this is so popular that thousands and thousands acres of perfectly good forests have been turned into playgrounds for the rich people. Even a beginner can - by accident - make a good swing, and experience the joy of hitting from the tee to the green. Golf may be a difficult sport, but it's not too difficult so that you would be discouraged by your first few efforts. And, there are enough moving parts in the process to make it sure that you can keep learning throughout your entire life.

(Of course, I can't actually start playing. It would be too expensive, as I would need to buy a car to drag my butt to the golf courts...)


Congratulations on hitting the silly little white ball. it is a lot more fun than it looks with the right friends. And then there is always the one shot you make that makes you want to come back.

--butchbrooklyn, 31-Jul-2007

Yeah, that's the trouble ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 31-Jul-2007

Suosittelen kiekkogolfia. On merkittävästi halvempi ja rennompi laji kuin pallogolf. Perligolffaus on tietysti myös optio, tosin vähän erilainen sellainen.

--Gol, 31-Jul-2007

Kiitos vinkistä!

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Aug-2007

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