Arg! Another annoying day when all shops are closed. They must be haunting me. I seem to have time to do grocery shopping only on Sundays these days. But that does not help much, because yet again I bang at the closed doors, 'cos it is Yet Another Annoying Christian Holiday (YAACH).

OK, I don't mind holidays, not at all, but I do mind the backward Finnish law which says that even though the majority of the people are so spineless that they belong to the church even though they don't really believe in the Christian God, nor do they actually go to the church, everybody must not go shopping on Sundays.

Many young people (esp. women) tell me they belong to the church because they want to have a "princess wedding". I think there's market now for private companies that arrange civil marriages as if they were Christian weddings, with proper locations, carefully constructed phrases and everything. Currently, the power to wed people is only with the city officials (and clergy), but perhaps that should be licensed out.

Hell, I'm a priest. I could wed you people ;-).

Update: As EG pointed out, it is even more odd that you can legally buy beer and hard liquor from bars on Sundays. Surely there must be something inherently evil in buying milk for little Charlie, but it's okay for mum and dad to get wasted. I just don't get it.


You forgot Il Capitan. Captain of a ship can legally wed people on board. Also in Finland. Actually anywhere. Captain is next from god at sea, any sea. So just hop on board and ahoi away.

--Katherine, 30-May-2004

Ah, of course.

That sounds actually like a good idea. If I ever have the chance, that is. Thanks!

--JanneJalkanen, 31-May-2004

I wouldn't call people spineless if they belong to the church and don't believe in God. There are a lot of services that are still used by majority, and for example I used to know a lot of parents who don't believe in God but think that it is still a good idea to give children some Christian education. Actually, there are not a lot of countries (I cannot think of any) where people wouldn't get some sort of spiritual foundation. And it is funny, but all my non-Christian friends are very broadly-minded towards my conviction. It is only in Finland that I don't even want to tell people evenif asked that I believe in God. My buddhist friend went to Christmas church because his Christian friends asked. No big drama there. I have prayed with him at Buddhist temple. Why it is so difficult to be neutral here? Because sometimes I find your attitude even a bit hostile over these things... I don't like missionary work, and I think everyone should be entitled to their opinion (like you to yours). But please don't call people spineless. And yes, I agree, shops should be open on Sundays, I have now two days of withdrawal, because it is national holiday and not only one day but two... In Helsinki, at least tunnel is open... And kiosks.

--Heli, 31-May-2004

PS. There are also holidays that shut the shops also, say, in Japan. So you cannot escape that.

--Heli, again, 31-May-2004

I'm looking at the damage inflicted by godless people working in the name of religion thoughout the entire history.

It's hard not to feel a bit hostile.

I have nothing against faith. Faith is a wonderful thing that keeps us human. But I do have plenty of problems with the church. Especially a state church. Regardless of all the services they perform, and the arguable good things that occasionally come out of them.

And I never said any country was perfect in this regard.

--JanneJalkanen, 31-May-2004

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