Power weekend

Sorry for this silence: most of my blogging time seems to into commenting into Sinisen kirjan marginaali (Finnish) these days. Lots of good reading in that blog; highly recommended, even if ... controversial on occasion. (And I just spent two minutes trying to figure out how to say this in an appreciative manner, yet give a bit of highlight to our differing opinions, without resorting to the use of smileys.)

Anyway. I've been meaning to blog about a number of things, but the latest... blog crisis has thrown me off the track and I've mostly been commenting on other blogs and writing lengthy emails back and forth. I'm not in much of a blogging mood right now.

So, I'll go the easy route and just settle for social porn: On Saturday, after the food fair, we picked up my parents from the airport. This also happened to be the dreaded First Meeting Of The ~GirlFriend And The Parents. In the airport arrival hall. In a way, it was very symbolic to meet under the shadow of the great wooden statue that greets all European travelers arriving to Finland. I just have no idea what that symbol means.

Then we went to the always so delightful MisuEG party (Finnish), in which we managed to talk perhaps 15 minutes of other things before the subject turned into blogging. I don't think I ever get used to hearing "oh yeah, you're that guy - I read your blog". It always makes me feel that the person in question should next sprout cucumbers out of his head or something equally weird.

And - against my better judgement, but strangely enough, at my insistence - we crashed Visukinttu's fun house warming party (Finnish), even though on Sunday morning we had to leave really early to go to my nephew's christening 250 km away, and introduce Outi to the rest of the family. (Note to self: If Jarkko offers you a vodka shot, decline. Politely. I've seen smaller beers offered in a bar than his vodka shots.)

Sunday was the big day. After a comfortable three hours of sleep (and two more in the train), my little nephew got his name (which confused him so much he stopped crying), and we all could breathe a sigh of relief. My relatives did not eat Outi - in fact, they seemed quite to like her. After a very relaxing moment in the sauna we returned back home to Helsinki, and spent a total of six hours in the train.

Oh yeah, and I'm technically a godfather now (can't be for real). I did my duties, and started his religious upbringing: as he was resting in my arms, wondering at the people all around him with wide eyes, I whispered softly in his ear:

"You know, all this commotion is just hogwash. God does not really exist."

And I intend to continue. Let him decide what to believe when he gets old enough. Until then, I'll to tell him the other side of the story. And bribe him with presents. Isn't that what godfathers are supposed to do?


Bloody hell. I still have too much (can there be such thing?) vodka left in my fridge. Last time I counted there was five bottles of it.

Errr... How about if you two visit me next saturday as well? I can offer you some beer. With vodka of course.

--Visukinttu-Jarkko, 30-Nov-2004

I see drunken people.


Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going to be in a completely different city next weekend ;)

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Nov-2004

"I just spent two minutes trying to figure out how to say this in an appreciative manner, yet give a bit of highlight to our differing opinions, without resorting to the use of smileys."

I think you did good, and I appreciate you taking so long to do this. I'm lazy, so I'll just resort to those damn smileys ;)

Just a hint involving the subject referred to back at my blog: from Wikipedia's article on Tit for tat there's a link to an article in Wired magazine, describing the victory of a new algorithm over Tit for tat. Interestingly, it involves something called masters and slaves as players...

--, 30-Nov-2004

(...signed by me.)

--Jani, 30-Nov-2004

Yeah, I read it. The "slaves" sacrificed themselves for the good of a few.

It doesn't invalidate tit-for-tat, though, which still is a very good algorithm. After all, it was alone against a number of communicating players, who were all playing to beat a single entity.

Who knows what could be done with co-operating tit-for-tats?

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Dec-2004

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