Hello Kitty, and good night

The famous Hello Kitty has joined the blogosphere. Unfortunately the blog is in Japanese, but it contains moblog shots of Hello Kitty and her friends. Apparently it's even written by Hello Kitty herself!

(Via Joi Ito, who has a bit more information in English.)

And as a side note... I'm scared how easily I'm adjusted to the West Coast time: I slept until 5 am, woke up, and fell asleep again to wake up at 7.30. Like a normal day. It's gonna be hell when I get back. Also, we had plenty of fun yesterday, exploring the city with Dragon. The local Chinatown has some really, really wonderful stuff. I'd lose a fortune if I lived here...

Being 7000 km away from Outi is also... not so fun. It's not so much the distance (there's not much difference between 600 km and 7000 km - away is away is away if you can't just walk out of the door and find her anytime you want), but the time difference. You want to talk, but half of the time one of you is asleep. And out of the common time we have, I'm mostly engaged in meetings. You can't even really say properly good night to each other. Snif.


Hih. Kivaa. Kitty on NIIN söpö. Sivu viehättä minua paljon vaikka japanin opiskeluni onkin vielä katakana ja hiragana harjoittelu-asteella...

--, 29-Oct-2004

Sinua kaivattiin kovasti pikkujouluissa! Pitäisköhän järjestää vielä toiset? ;-)

--Marjut, 29-Oct-2004

Toiset pikkujoulut sopivat loistavasti. Olettaen, etten ole Oulussa... ;)

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Oct-2004

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