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One of the major achievements of the ~WikiSym conference was that a bunch of us agreed to do at least something to the ~WikiMarkupMess - you know the one where each and every wiki has their own special syntax?

Well, the idea is to become a bit more visitor -friendly: Wikis should provide an easy-to-use markup which is the same across wikis, so it would be easier to contribute to a random wiki. We agreed on the basic syntax at ~WikiSym, and the work is now live at

The idea is not to replace or diminish the markup that expert users are used to, but to provide a "friendlier" version. Which, I think, is a good goal: there's a lot Wikis still need to do to become more friendly. WYSIWYG is probably the eventual goal, but implementing it is very complicated and error-prone.


My one cent: Get rid of silly typography stuff like italics and bold. Replace with something meaningful and hopefully consistent in edits the users will make. Eg. bold should only be used for non-linked, meaningful phrases that are important for people who scan read the page.

--Niko, 04-Sep-2006

Unfortunately, people seem to like the silly typography stuff...

--JanneJalkanen, 05-Sep-2006

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