Off we go again

Good bye Vancouver, good bye Seattle. 24 hours of travel, and I am back home. Whee!

(I like the idea of a blog concentrating on proper Finnish language in blogs. However, could the author please be a bit more friendly and constructing instead of giving snide remarks about style issues? I would love to read a properly written blog where a professional would highlight typical mistakes bloggers do, give some advice on style, talk about language issues in general, and in general help others to become better writers. At the moment the site seems only go half-way: the advice may be true, but it is delivered in a tone that is more likely to create an anti-proper-language movement than to encourage people to pay any attention to what they're writing. Finland needs more good blogs about real issues, not another blog that just talks about blogs with an annoyed tone.

And yes, I am aware of the irony of me criticizing the style of a blog complaining about the style of other blogs. No need to point it out, thankyouverymuch.)


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