Leg trouble

Our Russian breakfast: steak, macaroni, tea, muffins, sweet bread, and normal bread. No need for lunch after this.
I had the worst cramp in my leg for many years on the last night in Russia. I don't know what triggered it; the heat, lack of some nutrient, dehydration, the spring bed, alcohol - but at any rate I woke up nearly screaming at 7 am, unable to do much other than wince and curse while stretching.

Of course, walking around first for a day with two heavy backpacks, and then sitting in the train for five hours didn't make it much better. Ten hours of sleep on top of that made it stiff again. Now as I catch up on my email, I have to get up every few minutes to stretch again. Annoying.

Strangely, I used to have these much more often when I was younger, more fit, stretched regularly, and practiced martial arts...

On a more positive note, I believe today is the first straight day I've had since I went to Russia. The beer and vodka was so cheap over there (1 bottle of vodka = three beers = 60 rubles = 2€), not to mention free of the usual "what disease will I get if I drink this" -worry, so that we chugged down a few pints every day to compensate for the dehydration...


Katso perhana. Tarjottimellesi on eksynyt itse Suuri Saatana(tm).

--Henri, 29-Jul-2003

With the Great Satan(tm) you mean Lipton's Yellow Label tea?

Yup. It was incredibly prevalent there. I can't believe a country that has such strong tea culture actually drinks that crap. But it seems that pouring plenty of money into marketing works there too.

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Jul-2003

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