Developer feedback

My first name sounds feminine in many languages, so on occasion people get confused as to my sexuality. Which sometimes leads to fun situations with hotel clerks scrambling to change my reservation when I introduce myself. (I wonder whether they remove or add something in the room.)

You might know that I am an open source developer. I get a lot of emails from users. Most of them are nice, some of them are incomprehensible, and a few of them have really made me scratch my head. Like the one I received a few days ago: Someone felt obliged to tell me that they stopped using JSPWiki, because they found out that I am a man. Apparently woman-made wikis are better in some respect which I cannot fathom.

Oh well. "Nice" to be on this end of the stick for a change.


Complain complain complain - that's just like a woman!

--ScottHurlbert, 30-Jun-2006

[ha, thought I better add a second comment to let people know the first one was a joke - you know, dog on the internet and all that]

--ScottHurlbert, 30-Jun-2006

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