Day changed their rules

I recently complained about the Day JCR Cup and their "we'll steal your software" -competition rules. Well, the friendly folks at Day saw my post and revised the rules, and even posted a note to my blog. It was not their intention to be so exclusive, and somebody screwed up, but now all is well again.

Thanks, folks! Great work!

It just highlights even more the need to read the licenses and rules carefully and complain, if you think they are incorrect. As with the Finnish Blogilista, some companies actually do respond to user feedback, and are willing to do the right thing (whereas others will ignore you, and others will even post excuses and insults to your blog). And this goes to the company employees as well: Many times the rules are drafted by lawyers, who do not necessarily understand the technology or your intents, no matter how good they are. So you just need to be vigilant and catch them in action, and correct these things before they go out.


Right on, thanks for complaining instead of silently bitching about the (broken) first version of the rules!

We'll be waiting for this port of JSPWiki to Sling ;-)

--BertrandDelacretaz, 29-May-2008

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