Blog spam (not the usual kind)

I got a mail advertising a new Finnish movie blog hosted on I was going to let it pass quietly and ignore it, but apparently the same person has been mailing other bloggers, as they seem to have received the same spam as well. Because spam it is - unsolicited mass advertising, quite illegal in Finland.

Jussi whoever you are: that was really dumb. This is not the right way to gain good publicity. In fact, it's not even a good way to gain any publicity, as I will never link to your blog now because of your spam (and will remember this for a long, long time, too). Stop doing that.


I also received the very same ad, as I presume most of Finnish bloggers listed in Pinseri did(?), and I SO agree. Also, my spam filter has now been set to direct any messages from that particular address straight to trash bin. That's just the way it goes, baby.

--mitvit, 29-Jan-2005

Sama linkki tuli myös minulle. Enkä kyllä reagoinut mitenkään.


--, 29-Jan-2005

Ditto here. Decided not to check out the blog in question - ever. Bastard.

8-( Miira

--, 29-Jan-2005

Mäkin sain suoramainontaa. En linkkaa enkä tilaa, mutta tähän kirjoitukseen linkitän oitis paikalla.


--, 31-Jan-2005

Ja minä kun kuvittelin saaneeni kyseisen puffin, koska kirjoitan itsekin elokuva-aiheista blogia. Harkitsin jopa pienen maininnan kirjoittamista blogiin, mutta nyt jää väliin.

--Henri, 31-Jan-2005

Mietin tässä pitäisköhän järjestää "vitun spämmeri" Googlepommitus kyseiselle blogille :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 31-Jan-2005

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