O Canada

I'm now in Vancouver. The weather simply sucks (but it ain't no different from Helsinki), but the Rocky Mountains are every time awesome when you fly over them. We Finns are proud of our unspoilt nature, but some other places around the world are pretty nifty, too.

Now, if I only understood why there is a wall-sized window in the toilet. It does create some fun moments though when you are sitting on the john and watching the traffic (yeah, third floor - people from the opposite building see quite clearly what I'm doing, where and with whom).


We, the faithful readers of your blog, only want to know about the "with whom" part, of course. ;)

--MichaelGoetze, 29-Oct-2004

Urrr... Alone, of course? It's being with nobody. Technically it's okay to say you're with nobody when asked "with whom". But if there were other people here, I would be with someone. And they would see. From across the street that is.


Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of "Butt Ugly"!

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Oct-2004

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