Oulu meeting

Yup. The Oulu meeting is over, and - if you do some creative maths, and have a very strong sense of denial - it was an enormous success. We had 67% more people coming than we were aiming for!

Well, okay, there were five in total, out of which only three actually lived in Oulu. But the original target was just to meet pnuk, so we were positively surprised to see Aaltoneito arrive with a very large backpack and a short-haired companion, which had apparently tagged along from Turku. But he was a blogger, so it was okay :-).

The discussion ranged from blogs to movies, from certain bloggers to some other bloggers (wouldn't you all like to know who they were...), from food to beer, and a few mentions of the upcoming Finnish Blog Awards... The evil scheming and plotting is afoot.

All in all, good fun. There are still so few bloggers over here (and the Pinseri Top-list being the combining factor) that we can still - to some degree - speak about a Finnish blog community. This will obviously wane away as more and more bloggers join in (and I am sure some would already argue against it), but so far, from my personal experience, it seems that there is a connection between bloggers. It may be because many of the bloggers share things like common interests, similar education, or just the fact that if you're a blogger, your friends stand a better chance of catching the illness as well.

However, my hope is that in the future we get far more varied blogs - senior blogs, junior blogs, activity blogs, journalistic blogs, publicist blogs, celebrity blogs... And this will eventually mean the disappearance of that feeling. Oh well. I think I'll still have variety over a blogistanic feel-good hug-o-sphere anyway ;-).


Unless I'm much mistaken about the short-haired companion, you might link him thus: http://playground.utu.fi/~vjsaar/blog/index.php?page=recent

--MikePohjola, 29-Jul-2004

Äyh, nyt on pakko älähtää - minuun ei voi viitata Falmawenina, Falmawen on blogin nimi. Viittaukset mieluusti Aaltoneitona, kiitos :)

--Aaltoneito, 03-Aug-2004

Fixed your name. Sorry.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Aug-2004

Eep, I'm rather scared for being mentioned by the length of my hair. Fortunately Mike's here to help, props for him. :)

--, 03-Aug-2004

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