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You know the gap there's always between the tunnel and the airplane? The one you can see the airstrip from, five meters below you? And the small gangway that you step on?

I've always had a slight fear of dropping something and it would go into the gap and shatter to a thousand pieces after a long drop.

Yesterday it happened.

I dropped my phone, just as I was entering the plane and BANG! It hit the gangway, and broke into three pieces: The innards flew right into the aircraft; the cover flew backwards into the tunnel, and the keyboard strip was left on the gangway. Nothing fell through the gap. I gathered the pieces and managed to get the phone whole and running again, but for a moment I felt a primitive terror grasp my heart.

Losing one's phone is tantamount to losing one's connection to the world. It would be awful. It would be so hard to live without one right now, that it's scary.

When did we suddenly become so reliant and dependent on these small gadgets? Or is it not the gadgets, but the connectivity to other people that is the dependency-inducing factor?


Ym "when did *I* become", hth, hand.

I am not dependent on my phone - ask anyone who has tried to phone to me in the last two years. Neither am I dependent on any other particular need of communication I use. They are nice to have on a regular day, and I use email and IRC a lot, and read weblogs - but I don't need to be "kaikkialla, kaikkien kanssa, kaiken aikaa", and rather enjoy the times when I am not.

And I *detest* it when people use the inclusive "we" talking about those who *do* need to, and imply that if you use weblogs, mail, IRC, you are addicted to connectivity. Not all of us who enjoy these things are communication addicts.

--Janka, 28-Jul-2004

Yeah, so you don't subscribe to that idea. So what? A lot of people do - and that's the inclusive "we".

I ain't implying anything that isn't in your head already.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Jul-2004

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