It's over for another year. Now it's time for the inevitable discussion on the awards, the gala, the judges and their mental capacity. I have to say that one of the more memorable moments of the evening was the round-table discussion on how many death threats each of the bloggers have received, and how many of them were anonymous... There are downsides to saying things in public: no matter how you say it, someone is going to dislike it.

Anyway, I would like to thank many people for making the evening a success:

  • Outi for being our official IRC transcriber, and putting up with the morons. Next year, we'll certainly do the IRC show on another channel.
  • KatjaW for being our gracious and voluptuous door hostess.
  • Kari for pressing the button
  • Hakkis for being the DJ (I have a feeling there's a blog post coming about a certain particular event relating to this...)
  • Mindy and Jaakko for making the whole evening work
  • Earl Grey and Misu for making the completely amazing and cute award statues. You rock!
  • Mike for the review that was complete even before the gala was finished
  • Kolibri for taking part in the jury sessions from 7500 km and ten time zones away.
  • Charlie Schick of Nokia Lifeblog (who has pictures, BTW, on his blog) for sponsoring the gala event
  • Ramin Miraftabi for the voting system
  • Janne Jääskeläinen for the incredible logo

And finally, all the winners for writing such darned good blogs.



It was an honour to help out with such an event.


Charlie cognections.typepad.com

--charlie, 03-May-2005

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