Finnish blog awards nominees published

Blogger is throwing a tantrum, so I'll have to announce this here: The nominees for the Finnish weblog awards for 2004 are up. Congrats to everyone, the jury will now commence work. The date and location for the gala will be announced once I have recovered from my two weeks of incessant traveling...

(224 voters, 2301 votes cast.)


Thanks to Janne and all those who put this award together. I had fun going through my favorite Finnish blogs and choosing my favorites. I was very happy (and surprised!) to see my blog get nominated and it was very cool to see a couple other English blogs get nominated as well - It's great to see that Finns are very open minded!

So when shall we expect the final results?

--Phil, 29-Mar-2005

I hope to have an announcement on that later today/tomorrow.

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Mar-2005

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