Charlie gives a tip on Socialstream, a social web service project which really seems to get it (and, they also know that you DoNotHaveToWriteAllWordsMashedUpTogetherOrEndItWithR to make a Web 2.0 application!)

Unfortunately it seems to be a research project so far; but on the other hand, it's funded by Google. So we'll probably see something like that coming up.

It's just that I've lately become very hesitant on giving Google any more information about myself, especially knowing the lousy privacy legislation USA has. Unfortunately they are producing pretty good stuff (e.g. Google Analytics), so it's hard not to use a lot of it. But a company which wants to own and organize all the knowledge in the world - well, it's kinda like having a psychopatic superhero in your neighbourhood. All is well, when he's got a good day. But come the government, and use a mind-altering ray on the guy, and suddenly you're screwed with no option to fight back. So I'd rather not put all of my eggs in one basket.

(That's why I dropped out of Jaiku when it was sold to Google, in case anyone is wondering. Then again, most of my friends were on Facebook anyway.)


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