Nokia NFC Developers Event

Time for some free corporate promotion again ;-). Seriously, if you're an NFC hacker (and I know there are a few of you who read this!), designer, or are just starving for good ideas, you might want to try and pop into either of these events. Feel free to spread the word...

Be warned though, it'll probably be a pretty geeky show, but I think that if you like the idea of re-programming the world through stuff like RFID and barcodes, you're probably fine ;-)

Welcome to the Nokia NFC developer event - Join to connect

Are you interested in hearing the latest updates on Nokia’s engagement in Near Field Communication (NFC) and NFC application development for Nokia 6131 NFC? How about learning more about the vivid Nokia NFC Developer Community and meeting face-to-face the other NFC developers?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, we would like to meet you at the Join to connect - a Nokia NFC developer event!

Two similar events will be organized at the following venues:

  • October 29th 2007, Monday, Espoo Finland more info & register
  • December 3rd 2007, Monday, Amsterdam the Netherlands (registration link to be provided later)

Show what you've got!

This event is also your chance to showcase your applications and services you have developed to the community. We have reserved an open space display, a demo area for you to present your NFC application during the event. Talk with the Nokia NFC experts, exchange ideas, ask questions and interact.

For more information about Near Field Communication, check the Forum Nokia web site We hope to see you there!

Best Regards,

Nina Tammelin
On behalf of the Nokia NFC team (NEBU)


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