I'll probably regret this in the morning, but...

Just had to get this one out: http://www.ecyrd.com/timeismoney/. Sorry for the lack of visuals there. Not my thing.

I've sat in many meetings in my life, where ten highly paid professionals sit around the table and are debating a minute detail. Usually it's two or three people talking, with everyone else looking very bored, being deeply immersed in either Angry Birds or Outlook. This isn't a particularly good use of everyone's time, so the next time you end in a meeting like this, fire up the above link, and put it on a projector as a gentle reminder that people are not in the meeting just to enjoy chitchat.

(I know, I know, you can't really measure shit like this, and there are other considerations, yadda yadda, but still - time is money, and especially if you are a developer, your time is quite likely used better on other things. So keep the meetings lean and light.)


Excellent! Will take into production use immediately.

--Jukka Laurila, 27-Feb-2011

Needs input for "time already wasted" so it does not start at zero!

--AnonymousCoward, 27-Feb-2011

Anon, you could start it in advance :-). But perhaps there should be a "start of meeting" time field.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Feb-2011

I guess one needs to add the overheads in the salary, so in Finland this is about 1.5 times the gross salary.

--AnonymousCoward, 01-Mar-2011

Well, I just wanted this to be correct in the ballpark - people do have different salaries too, so if you want, you can just factor the overheads in the average.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Mar-2011

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