The Ground heads for the sky

The son of Levyvirasto, The Ground is here. And I like it.

It's the first, proper Finnish music store. It has a decent, web-based UI which works on my Mac, and it sells me DRM-free MP3s (which work nicely both on my laptop, desktop, iPod and my phone - which cannot be said on the offerings of the iTunes Music Store or the Nokia Music Store) of good quality with a price I'm willing to pay. There's also enough bandwidth - I get a full album in a minute.

There are still some flaws: The UI does not really promote music discovery (I would very much like to see a tie-in with the open APIs of, for example), the selection is still not yet quite complete, the download was broken the first time (though it worked flawlessly the second time) and I do believe that Meat Loaf should not be classified as "classical music". But, as a whole, this is the first music store selling major brand music that I can see myself visiting more than once (many of the ones in the US refuse to sell to Europe, unfortunately). Spent 20+ euros in it in a flash (a Poets of the Fall album, a couple of tracks from Pet Shop Boys, and Kylie's X, if you absolutely want to know. Which you probably didn't - but now you know something you didn't know a moment earlier, and that in itself is valuable to realize.)

More of this, please. And preferably in a global scale; the whole notion of limiting music licensing to a single country sounds like exactly the kind of stuff that EU was established to abolish.


Looks promising. Some of the pricings are weird: 1.35 € /song and still 9.95 € for a single with only two songs. What's also kind of weird is that the cds are priced as in normal stores 17.95 € or 7.95 €, but the mp3 set of the album is always 9.95 €.

But yeah, they have NIN and Laibach. And 50 songs from Eläkeläiset for 10€, how's that for a bargain? Definitely worth further browsing.

--Henri, 26-Jul-2008

And I take some of the previous back. The pricing of the mp3 set also seems to vary some.

--AnonymousCoward, 26-Jul-2008

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