Awesomest kitchen appliance ever

I don't see these too often, but in our family this has been the secret to cooking for tens of years. It's the hand-cranked potato peeler. Works like a charm, needs no electricity, needs no dishwasher. Just put potatoes and water in, and it'll peel them for you with a few turns of the handle.

Any Finn can find these in your neighbourhood Anttila. Others - I'm not sure.

For some reason, I didn't have my own for a while, but now I bought a new one before the potato season started. Been cranking happily ever since...


But hey, you don't need to peel your potatoes now, the new ones are better unpeeled!

(I don't eat that much potatoes anyway, so I wouldn't buy one. :)

--Pare, 26-Jul-2007

It's still good to remove all the grit. You just don't have to crank that many times.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Jul-2007

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