John Kovalic

Brief notes from John Kovalic's (the creator of Dork Tower) speech:

  • My first game was edited by Steve Jackson. Little did I know he would become such a horrible, horrible figure in my life.
  • Physics classes would go much faster, if you sat in the back drawing cartoons.
  • My influences are my mom (a columnist) and Charles Schulz
  • Roleplaying games in high-school (loved creating my own worlds)
  • Liking "Traveller" is not a good reason to go study astrophysics
  • "I'm very bad at the games I drew. I've never won a game of Munchkin - even when they let me draw my own cards at a con in Cork, Ireland."
  • "I'm a complete mercenary - I work for anyone who is not a babykiller"
  • "I got a call from someone in Hollywood making the Dork Tower movie." *The audience erupts in laughter*
  • Chez Geek characters were taken from actual University of Wisconsin students - John spent a lot of time drawing them :)
  • "Are you here, honey? [Referring to wife] Good - then I can tell this. I introduced her to gaming via MtG. I used Call of Cthulhu to introduce her to role playing games. Big mistake! Don't do it!"
  • "People ask me to draw Ginny naked. People, I draw them with three fingers - what do you think I would do with the rest of their anatomy?"


Schoultz is spelled Schultz. But who cares. Well I do. ;)

--Lauri, 26-Jul-2004

Not long after I moved to CA I was actually introduced to RPG through a Cthulhu game and I loved it! I also had a great GM. Only regret I was introduced to this whole world of nerdy pleasures so "late" in life... how cool it would've been to game when I was still in college.

A friend of mine has developed a gaming system that you might find interesting: I've played "Restoration" and it rocks!

All the best to you and yours.

--rannva, 27-Jul-2004

Very quick notetaking with no internet. So I just wrote the closest spelling I could thing of :).

And rannva, the cool thing is that you can skip all of the boring nerdy highschool teenager stuff (like AD&D), and skip ahead to all of the interesting games immediately ;)

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Jul-2004

Should it be Steve instead of Peter? ;-)

--Henri, 27-Jul-2004

Yeah, edited both.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Jul-2004

It's not Schultz or Schoultz, it's Schulz. Feel free to check any Peanuts strip :)

--MikePohjola, 27-Jul-2004

I fixed it already... Sheesh, stop complaining :-) It's not like there are Peanuts strips available glued on every table at the 'con.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Jul-2004

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