Finnish blog to be published as book

Minttu Hapuli's "Selibaattipäiväkirjat" ("Celibacy diaries") will be published as a book in the fall.

Well done and congratulations!

Not that getting your blog published would be a major goal to many bloggers, but it's still good to see someone working hard and succeeding.


Hi Butt Ugly,

thousand thanks for congratulations! The "Celibacy Diaries" will be available on August 2006, I wait for that day more than I admit:-) The current phase is just butt ugly work, labour and disbelief...

Greetings, B.

--Birdy, 10-May-2006

Darling, you can call me Janne. "Butt" is so formal.

--JanneJalkanen, 10-May-2006

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