Great Balls of Fire!

Well, it's kinda obvious if you look at it, isn't it? This particular ball is outside the MIT campus area in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), and for some unfathomable reason it looks like a really, really early version of a steam engine - you know, after they figured out how to make steam, but before they thought of pistons and chambers, and were just experimenting with putting different things on top of the steam.

Boston seems like a reasonably nice city: the centre is small enough to walk around, there is a wealth of restaurants, and while the architecture is sometimes horrendous, there is still enough 19th century stuff lying around to keep a traveler slightly amused.

(Whee, I just noticed that is run by Movable Type. That's a nice use for weblogging software: it does not look like a blog, or feel like a blog, but it has all the power of a good blog engine - like comments and trackbacks.)


Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I love MT - at work, I built our intranet on it. But MT doesn't actually power all of Boston Online. The links area is done in Links SQL, which is a specialized links engine (which actually shares many of MT's attributes, a key difference being it allows for a large directory tree, with infinite layers of sub-directories, where MT's directory "tree" can only go down one level).

--Adam Gaffin, 26-Jan-2004

Heh. Cool to see that other people check their referer logs religiously :-). It's amazing what you can do with MT, though - for a blogging platform it is a pretty complete CMS.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Jan-2004

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