I know it's Christmas...

...because we're all resting next to our stomachs

...because we went to sauna at two o'clock already

...because the Santa came by earlier and brought gifts

...because I've got a shiny new DVD package of 3rd season of Battlestar Galactica

...because my ears are still ringing from the laughter of kids

...because there is wrapping paper everywhere

...because Pavarotti is singing Christmas carols in radio

...because Finns aren't updating their blogs

...because the only people visiting this blog are robots

...because there's a really large open box of really good chocolate nearby, and nobody can lift a finger to take one

...because the tree's got lights on it

...because there's snow on the ground

...because there ain't nothing better than spending time with your family

Merry Holidays to all my readers!


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