Allofmp3 sued for $1.65 trillion

Oh, the poor artists must be starving, because apparently ~AllofMP3 has caused 1.65 trillion (US) dollars worth of damage. To put things into perspective, this is about twice the size of the entire Russian GDP. Even according to RIAA's own estimate (which is known to be inflated), this is about 500 times the size of the entire worldwide piracy losses. It is not about recouping losses. It's about completely and utterly crushing your enemy so that you can keep your monopoly.

I know most artists are not greedy bastards, but frankly, the hate I feel when I see these kind of overblown figures flows over to them as well. There's just too much of it.

Yeah. Merry Christmas. Fuckers.


I agree completely.

--Schmigz, 25-Dec-2006

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