It's psychographic, not geographic

Matt noticed, after turning off his Twitter stream from people outside London, that:

I thought what was near me was signal, as often you could act on it. Y’know: “I’m in town and wondering if anyone wants coffee”

It turns out that nearly no-one I know is in town or wants coffee. It turns out - as so often through the twelve or so years of having a digitally-mediated social life - the noise is the signal.

Maybe it's just that Twitter is not interesting for those people who are in town and would have time for coffee. Twitter and Jaiku have been adopted by busy people, the makers of the world. But perhaps it's not been that much used by the laid-back people, the thinkers, who'll happily suspend the afternoon for a stroll in the park with a friend. Twitter is the noise which busy people make to tell everyone that they're still alive, so that they are not forgotten.


Also, those with more time on their hands tend to lead simpler lives, and to be honest would just call friends to see what they're doing. The benefits of something like Twitter aren't perceived just yet.

--ChrisH, 24-Jul-2007

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