Revenge of the S..t

Saw Star Wars III. I think that if you spliced episodes I, II and III together, you might get a pretty decent movie. Just take the last half an hour from this one - because no other bit in it deserves saving. The first third of the movie is mostly boring - I yawned at the attempts to create sense-of-wonder (you know guys, there's a thing called "too much").

The middle part of the movie I mostly giggled through, much to the annoyance of my fellow moviegoers, I'm sure.

The final third had a bit of the same feeling as the old saga, and I had nearly a tear in my eye at one point. But still.

Star Wars III is kinda like going to a bad hamburger place: It's crap food, and then you laugh at a poor waiter who drops a tray and makes a mess, but their ice cream leaves a decent aftertaste.

Next time, I'll just have the ice cream, thanks.


Brilliant review :)

--Adriaan, 25-May-2005

Just wondering why should anyone laugh at the poor waiter?

--Harva Militia, 25-May-2005

Sometimes things are comical, even if they're not supposed to be so. That's exactly the point - you shouldn't be laughing at something, but you do it anyway, just simply because the situation is funny and you can't contain yourself.

--JanneJalkanen, 25-May-2005

I'm OK with your review, but please tell me that you cut out any reference and all of Jar Jar's scenes ;-)

--Foster, 25-May-2005

Well, Jar Jar says only one line in the movie, and that's "Sorry". I think that was the other highlight of the movie for me :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 26-May-2005

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