Let's start the lottery...

So, the Finnish blog awards ceremony is tomorrow evening. The board is set, and the pieces are moving. We are expecting a big crowd and a wonderful, magic-filled night.


I booked myself a teleconference at 8 am on Friday - just because I calculated a timezone difference the WRONG WAY! And now it's too late to change it. ARG! Either timezones, or people who are bad at maths should be declared illegal. I really, really don't like this timezone lottery...

People who are not working for global companies do not know what they are missing.

Update: Luckily other people did also screw up with the calculations (I mean, out of like, five engineers, apparently only TWO can count!?!?), and so the meeting's off. Phew. Saved by a calculator.


You either will not make it to the meeting or you will not be of any use there. Just call in sick, you'll boss will never suspect a thing. :)

--J-Ko, 24-Mar-2004

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