CD "copy" protection

As Merten noticed the sound quality in these new, copy-protected CD's is crap, if you play it on a computer.

I also bought a new CD last week - a tune got stuck in my head, and I figured, I might as well test these new copy protection systems and rip them to ogg vorbis, my choice of digital audio. Well, it turns out, that

  • a copy protection does not prevent ripping the disk at all, and
  • the sound quality is better, if you rip it.

No, I have no explanation for the better sound quality. Perhaps CDParanoia (the ripping software I use) can correct the errors or something. So, here we have a copy protection system that encourages people to make copies of the disks, because that way they sound better. Isn't that sort of the opposite what the record companies were aiming for?


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