Phew. What a weekend. In short order: Entertained guests from US, shopped for stuff (which I didn't find), played go (alas, only a little), released a beta of JSPWiki (calm down, I already blogged this), went to two house-warming parties (thanks to the hosts: 'twas fun), chased three chess clocks around town, introduced a door, some duct tape, and a late Christmas present to each other (don't ask), learned how to play Chinese Chess, checked out a new "restaurant", socialized, socialized a bit more (but with different people), watched The Two Towers again (it actually gets better on second viewing, but I kept wondering which parts have been cut and which we're going to see in the upcoming extended edition), watched Eddie Izzard yet again (Circle is not his best, but good fun nevertheless), drank extremely good sake (yay!), and had fun in general.

The only thing I didn't do was the document I was supposed to write this weekend. :-)

Oo, ObLink: Rami found this very nice site of political satires in Flash.


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