Early presents

Caved under pressure and got myself some Christmas presents :)

(I know, Apple is supposed to introduce a new iPod pretty soon, but I figured that since this thing already does nearly all I want it to do, I can just get it...)

Now I'm listening to music on express train, at the beginning of my 14-hour trip to Pello, way north of the Arctic Circle. It's odd realize that it's faster to get to Japan or SFO than to Outi's parents... If we ever get kids, we can't rely on gran to do babysitting ;)

But this world is still oddly screwed, as some distances shrink faster than others: city-to-foreign city can be faster than to city-to-countryside. No wonder people are losing touch with nature...

Anyway, happy holidays and whatnot to all my readers. Relax and be groovy.


Hmmm. Helpful observation about city-to-city and city-to-countryside travel contributing to "losing touch with nature." Have fun with the iPod mini!

--Sanjay, 24-Dec-2004

Thanks :-). Merry Christmas to you, too!

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Dec-2004

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