English-Finnish poetry

One of my favourite pages on the internet is the word plays page of #go.fi, a Finnish page which documents quite a few word plays in the Finnish language, ranging from completely moronic to simply brilliant. Not all the material is original, but a lot of it has been born in the dark corners of that IRC channel. Here's one that someone managed to dig up somewhere from teh intehweb - a poem which is both valid English and Finnish (with some liberties taken in joining words, and a lot of liberties in logic):

Sun on helmet,
Sun on villas.
Talon join.
Ah, sure Hamlet!
Miss lie into sun?
Miss on ties?
Maiden pimentotie.
Valehelmet vain
Sullen vein. 

(Did you know that the Finnish word "kaakatattajatartaankaanhan" contains 12 a:s? I wouldn't use it in a sentence, though... My personal favourite is "Io-aie ei ui: EU ei aio, Ii Oy ei oio", a (fictional) news headline consisting completely of vowels.)


My all-time favorite finnish word that's actually in use is "kolmivaihekilowattituntimittari". Incidently, about a month ago the local electric company swapped ours from a 30-year old analog one to remotely readable digital one.

For the finnish-impaired: "three-phase kilowatthour meter" is written as a single word in finnish. It's the device that counts how much electricity a household uses.

--Kim, 24-Oct-2007

I always thought it was "kolmivaihevaihtovirtakilowattituntimittari" :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Oct-2007

Damn! Even better... and still valid and actually in use. It's just that my old meter had the "shorter" version :-).

--Kim, 25-Oct-2007

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