Atheist propaganda

This NASA image of the Sun was just too gorgeous to ignore, so I put in a small reminder about one of the fundamental facts that we often forget.

It's alien, it's frightening, it's beautiful, it's dangerous and we're completely and utterly dependent on it. If it burps in the wrong way, we're all dead.

(For larger images, click on the link.)


Perhaps not the source per se. "I sustain all life"? "All life depends on me"? Though that's not quite true either, the bacteria & stuff around hot vents on bottoms of the oceans use thermo-, not photosynthesis. The pic(s) are great, yes.

--Tube, 23-Apr-2010

Well - the source of the heat that the anaerobic bacteria use comes from the crust of the Earth, which in turn comes from... stars.

--JanneJalkanen, 23-Apr-2010

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