Went to see Kylie Minogue in concert, ten years after the Minb... sorry, the last concert. I remember standing with 3000 screaming teenage girls in a venue in Melbourne, Australia, and clearly thinking "OK, so maybe I'm not in the target group, but what the hey..."

Oddly enough, even though this evening was pretty much a gratuitous feast of rather well-formed male bodies, I didn't get the same feeling. Probably because everyone out there seemed to be my age or older.

There was an interesting oops - Kylie picked out one lucky person to get on stage and get a personally signed CD. Turns out that person was Russian, and, well, in Finland there are still some old grudges left, so that could've killed the mood. But the guy was so insanely happy about standing there, you couldn't but laugh with him, so it all went smoothly.

I like the new album, but I have to admit that I've got a special soft spot for "On A Night Like This". Brings me back so many good memories from a country far, far away...

(OK, so maybe this isn't the best blog entry out there, but it is a shameless attempt to get ranked higher for "Kylie Minogue's butt" - for which I was a top authority in the world for a couple of years, according to Google. Probably thanks to my extensive linking of the words "butt" and "kylie". :-)


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