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Well, first I was enjoying myself a lot, and then I went to see Troy. Here's my review of the movie:


Lemme put it this way: The only thing I found slightly interesting was Sean Bean as Odysseus, who delivers a very nice performance. If he hadn't been there, I would've walked out of the theatre. Seriously. Ever since Deep Impact have I never wanted to leave the theatre, but this was really, really close. I had to amuse myself during the movie trying to calculate how many modern soldiers would've turned the battle, or what would a Battlemech look like when standing next to the walls of Troy at dawn.

Even the soundtrack - consisting mostly of a woman wailing - was boring. The only interesting thing was the play on the theme from Stargate during Achilles' death. Nice touch.

I really, really, really would not like to see this movie ever again. Hell, if the highlight of the movie is the sight of Brad Pitt without clothes - then something is deeply wrong. And yes, I'm straight. Straight, but in-fucking-credibly bored.


You forgot to mention that Helen in the film wasn't worthy of rowing across a large Finnish lake for, much less a 10 year war or a 3 hour movie. That movie sucked harder than a Star Wars sequel. I read the Illiad in Latin ages ago and the story was vivid and beautiful....none of which is apparent in the movie, just Brad Pitt's buff body prancing around the screen for 3 incredibly tedious hours.

--, 22-May-2004

Was the swords-play even any good?

--Tiia, 22-May-2004

Yeah, well, the Iliad was not mentioned as a source of inspiration. However, the Odysseia was. Sigh.

Besides Sean Bean, the other good thing about that movie was Peter O'Toole's (Priam) sonorous voice. Then again, it's pretty much standard issue in any good, entertaining, thought-provoking movie Peter O'Toole appears in, too.

--Taika, 22-May-2004

The sword play was boring. It was as if someone had decided to do a Hollywood remake of a really bad Hong Kong kung fu movie. Technically flawed, with no spirit. It was just glorified violence, again and again and again.

And gotta agree about Helen. But then again, they only fought about two weeks, according to the movie.

Tedious. I like that word. That really sums it up, doesn't it?

--JanneJalkanen, 22-May-2004

But Janne there is something you don't understand. I saw Troy last night and can only report that the highlight isn't seeing Brad Pitt naked... it's seeing Eric Banna's arms flex.

--Fiona, 22-May-2004

(I can't believe I'm having this discussion)

Okay, he's not really that bad either. But a movie which consists mostly of Sean Bean's ten lines, Peter O'Toole's voice, Eric Banna's two muscle flexes and a ten-second peek of Brad Pitt's body... Well, I guess it has three things more worth watching than Deep Impact. Which had The Wave, and nothing else.

It's still a crap movie. With or without muscles. :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 22-May-2004

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