The prime of my life

I'm in a prime age - today, I'm 37! (Hardy har.)

But, talking about primes... There's a fascinating series of articles in Wikipedia, titled List of prime numbers, which contains more interesting numbers you can shake a digit at (ha!). How about delving into the mysteries of prime numbers which may be illegal to possess? Or, marveling at the calculator-defying Strobogrammatic primes? Or do you know how to calculate in base 2i or in phinary? Did you know that primes can be sexy or happy? Or that some of them are palindromic?

However, my personal favourite is the only "Even prime", the number 2. Which, of course, means that it's often referred to as the "oddest prime".


Hey, happy birthday!

--Marjut, 22-Apr-2007


--JanneJalkanen, 22-Apr-2007

Happy birthday!

--AnonymousCoward, 22-Apr-2007

Bah, that was me.

Actually, I was thinking that I might do something special, as I'm in my prime this year, too. 31, though.

--Pare, 22-Apr-2007

Happy birthday, Janne. Hope to see you before too long....

--Sanjay, 23-Apr-2007

Thanks Pare and Sanjay!

--JanneJalkanen, 23-Apr-2007

Joyeux anniversaire!

--Alex, 23-Apr-2007

Merci :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 23-Apr-2007

Interesting! Though, I did get the immediate association of ...

(oh yeah, late happy birthday wishes)

--JukkaLaurila, 23-Apr-2007

Oh, this is belated - but happy birthday wishes from Germany nevertheless!

--laetti, 03-May-2007

Thanks, all :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 04-May-2007

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