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If you follow my Twitter, Facebook or Flickr feeds, this is already old news, but what the hey - this is where it all began, so it's only fair to talk a bit more about this here as well.

Outi gave birth (without any fancy-pants anesthesia, local or otherwise. It just all happened too fast :-) ) a healthy baby boy (3650g, 49 cm - since everyone will ask it anyway) at 17:16 EET on the 20th of January at the Jorvi hospital, just moments before Obama's inauguration speech. Considering all the trouble we had, everything went extremely well.

I'm very thankful of all the good wishes that people have sent our way. It's almost addictive to hear it all, but I know that it will soon subside, and routine will set in.

We were lucky to get a family room at the hospital, so I've been able to stay with Outi and the boy overnight. Which is nice. I think it really helps, since the unfamiliar routines can be learned together and at least personally it is important to me that I don't feel left out of the experience. Besides, these are my first nights in the hospital since my own birth, so that's another kind of new experience. I've so far discovered that the beds are not very comfy: I've slept on more comfortable roots. And for those who are wondering, yeah, lack of sleep has not yet been an issue. I'm re-discovering the part of myself which in the army learned to sleep essentially in any conditions...

Communication is still complicated with essentially only one bit of communication (cry/no-cry), but we (all three) are learning, and hope to achieve wider bandwidth soon. The only thing that kinda worries me is that we may have overdosed on Deep Space Nine during pregnancy - we are pretty convinced that when he burps, he says "pah-wraith"...



--Terje Bergström, 22-Jan-2009

Congratulations! I guess he's got the good genes if you haven't ever been to hospital earlier :)

--Artem Marchenko, 22-Jan-2009

Congratulations to you all. What a wonderful part of life you are enjoying! And don't worry, he'll quickly develop other forms of communications and some that may make you long for the days of cry/no-cry ;-)

Love and peace! - Dave

--Dave Johnson, 22-Jan-2009

ongrats, but jsut remember the cry is not a binary - babies have an analouge based noise!

--Ewan Spence, 23-Jan-2009

To an untrained ear it pretty much is binary :-). But we're learning!

--JanneJalkanen, 23-Jan-2009

Once again congrats, glad it worked out in the end. Nice to know that the army training has some more useful purpose in life ;)

i have to agree, that for most of us it is a binary signal. Volume ~= seriousness of problem condition?

FYI, (in case you missed it) you have some more messages on Jaiku from your Flikr picture feed

--mike, 23-Jan-2009

Congrats again!

You (all of you) will learn to use the cry more. Babies learn how to cry in different ways and you learn to distinguish them.

--Pare, 23-Jan-2009

Congrats! =D

--Stello, 24-Jan-2009

Congratulations, Janne!

--EugeneEricKim, 26-Jan-2009

--EugeneEricKim, 26-Jan-2009

Onneksi olkoon!

--Matti Siivola, 26-Jan-2009

Wonderful! Congratulations to you, Outi and the grandparents, etc. ;)

--Sanjay Khanna, 03-Feb-2009

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