First Near Field Communication Competition!

The First European NFC Competition starts! If you are a developer or a designer or otherwise would like to make the world a generally nicer place to live in, check out the competition at (which, for some strange reason, is a redirect to a blog.)

The competition is looking for prototypes, proposals and ideas - so get your brains ticking! For a primer in NFC, check out the NFC Forum web site or the Touch blog. If you submit your pre-proposal by the 5th of February, and it's good enough, you'll receive an NFC development kit (the contents of which I don't know at the moment, I'm sorry) to help build your idea.

The goal of the competition is to promote the development of innovative and exemplary NFC services. Based on the paradigm of “the simplicity of a touch”, the focus of this challenge is on the innovation, commercial potential and usability of the services as well as the quality of the design and implementation using NFC technology. Interacting with services, people and object using mobile device, this event is looking for innovation and creativity.

(Disclaimer: I am a member of the competition committee, and work for a sponsor company. So the more eagerly you participate, the more likely I am to get paid in the future...)


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