So I did finally register for Solmukohta 2004... I am not quite so sure why, because live action roleplaying is not really my thing (I've played in, like, two games total, because I am a lazy bastard who cannot be bothered to dress up for a game), but the participant list seems interesting enough.

Though in all honesty, the only stories I've heard about the previous events mostly tell how everybody was very inebriated, and how people got very stupid ideas at 2 am, that later on turned into marvelous games. While I have nothing against stupid ideas - some of my better plans started with stupid ideas - I do hope and believe that alcohol is not the main point for people to get there :-).


If you are coming there for the people you are coming there for the right reason. Alcohol will play a part, but it is not the main feature. It is just easier to tell stories about outrageous stupidity brought on by liquer than about the insightful vision into the first person audience that is unique to role-playing.

--J-Ko, 23-Jan-2004

*laugh* I'm sure. You're right - the people are exactly the reason why I'm going there... I'm just finding it slightly worrying that the best stories I've heard about the event all have revolved around the amount of alcohol consumed :-).

--JanneJalkanen, 23-Jan-2004

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