Be careful what you wish for...

I wrote back in June:

The Enter magazine blog says that over 30% of Finnish 15-17 -year old teenagers have an account with the IRC gallery. I wonder what would happen if IRC-gallery started to offer blogs to their members?

Well, we'll soon find out: Kaleva tells us (in Finnish) that the IRC gallery is starting to offer a blogging service to all of its users.

"Within a few weeks of testing, the testers alone wrote over 60,000 entries", they say.

Heh. This should be cool.


Just started to think... Reading blogs is more common than writing them. Are the IRC-gallery folks going to:

  1. Build their own reading system (i.e. a competitor to
  2. License or partner with (Which should be interesting.)
  3. Leave everyone to their own devices (bookmarks, RSS readers,

(Via Jyri.)


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