Sporgies for Dummies

Here's fun hobby for a Friday night at home.

Sporgies are short for "Spotify Orgies". Yeah, I know they have some different meanings but the name is cool enough still. The idea is that on Facebook or IRC or wherever you like to meet virtually, someone calls up a subject (say "swedish music") and everybody starts contributing to a playlist. You drink beer, dig up songs from Spotify, and send links to each other. Whoever called together the game, collects the playlist and shares it with everybody else.

The end result is usually rather hilarious, and you get to keep the playlist.

(Kudos to Kari Haakana for coining the term and probably the game too!)


No need to email links to tracks. You can collaborate on a playlist right within Spotify. :)

--Niko N, 21-Mar-2009

That's not nearly as fun! You need to socialize while doing it... That's the "orgy" -part.

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Mar-2009

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