Everybody loves the iPhone to the death

Everybody seems very buzzed about the Apple iPhone. The fun thing is that nobody seems to have actually tried it out, yet people are already claiming that it's going to kill Nokia and Samsung and all the other phone manufacturers, much like OSX has killed Windows.

I certainly want to get my clammy hands on an iPhone as much as the next guy, but the following article got me chuckling. Since when did an unavailable product which has just been launched and nobody has tried become a benchmark for the smartphone industry so fast, that even before the product is in the shops, the media is already talking about iPhone killers? I mean - it's sort of okay to wish Zune to be an iPod killer, because iPod is the market king, and everybody of course wants to be the next iPod. But to call something an "iPhone killer" shows how distanced from the reality the writer is. I know the media loves conflict, but building an artificial conflict between unavailable products is, well, vaporjournalism for the lack of better word.

But then again, that's Steve Jobs's Reality Distortion Field for ya ;-)


It's benchmark for smartphone because everybody else does such an incredibly shitty job out of it.

The response from Nokia engineers that I've seen about everywhere was along lines of 'what chipset does it use?'. Who cares?

That attitude, and the attitude that Apple has shown so far tells that iphone will definitely be something much better than those POS:s currently on the market.

--psi, 22-Feb-2007

How do you know Apple didn't do an incredibly shitty job out of it? That's right - you don't. Because you haven't tried. And as you are well aware, any electronics company can make everything look good in a demo... Imagine what Nokia's demos would look like if you hadn't actually tried the phones and been disappointed ;-)

My point is that there is not yet enough evidence towards any direction.

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Feb-2007

You're right, I can't know. Apple has already done the great job at delivering the wakeup call. Now people won't just consider themselves stupid because their Symbian phone places everything in weird places, they will think "Right, it's that weird Onkia firm that does things in a weird way, maybe there's something better on the market".

And that's a good thing, instead of wanking with number of megapixels in camera and number of colors on screen, some effort will finally be turned into making these phones actually usable for a day-to-day life.

--psi-, 23-Feb-2007

Well, that remains to be seen. Unfortunately it does not look like people exactly flock after quality and ease-of-use - consider the Windows vs. OSX market share for example. Sales matters a lot. The MP3 player market was easy to take over, because there were never any serious established players. The phone market will be more difficult for Apple, due to the fierce competition as well as the fact that the food chain is completely different.

I'm sure the iPhone will carve out a niche in the market. But whether that will actually change anything remains to be seen.

(BTW, "megapixel wanking" will of course continue. And, if the iPhone had a 5 Mpx camera, Unca Steve would announce it in his wonderful, meaningful tones: "Five. Million. Pixels." And everyone would go "aaahh", and nobody would call it megapixel wanking. You know I'm right ;-) For example, now that MBP's are among the fastest laptops you can find, the Mac users are happy to drool over Specmark figures. Before, when G4 processors didn't do that well on these relatively artificial benchmarkes, it was called "megahertz wanking" or something. You gotta admire the guys way of announcing really basic things as if they were the most wonderful thing in the world, and convincing everyone about it!)

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Feb-2007

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