My five weird habits

Since Kolibri asks, I think I feel obliged to answer...

  1. I grunt while I am coding. I hold my breath and release it such that it sounds like I'm having a fit. This tends to annoy everyone around.
  2. I start sentences and never finish them, when my attention wanders off somewhere else.
  3. I like to pile up sandwiches. Anything goes - I pile butter, sausage, liver paté, cheese, egg, cucumber... As long as the cheese is on top, it works well. The cheese always goes on top, because otherwise my fingers get greasy or otherwise dirty when eating the sandwich. I do this also on Carelian pastries, which scares people.
  4. If I make a full turn to the left, I need to make a full turn to the right "to unwind". This was far stronger impulse when I was young (like seven or so), but I still feel it. By the way, I've never, ever, mentioned this to anyone before. Probably because I thought I was weird, and everyone was normal. How completely mistaken I was...
  5. I throw away chocolate. I buy a lot of it, but I forget to eat it, and I end up throwing it away two years after its best-before date. This tends to scare women, for some reason.

I have plenty of other weird habits, but these seemed to be 'work-safe' to list. And yeah, this was after my fourth beer.


Outin ansiosta 5. kohta ei varmaankaan ole enää yhtä paha ongelma ;-)

--Burana, 22-Jan-2006

Just vähän aikaa sitten hävitettiin suklaasta tehty lumiukko kun ei tullut vain syötyä sitä...

--JanneJalkanen, 23-Jan-2006

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