Oh, bugger

Yeah. Damn you, Steve.

And with a free laser engraving as well.

Technolust has claimed a new victim.



--kolibri, 21-Sep-2005

Hehe - damn that nano is small! I don't think even photos give any right to how small it is - I have to stop looking or I'll end up having the same faith as you...

--Antti, 21-Sep-2005

Yes. The nano feels like magic, and I suppose that is its greatest appeal.

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Sep-2005

Thank you, Steve. I have an iPod Mini now. Very happy. Thank you!

--Outi, 21-Sep-2005

Ah, forgot to ask; What does it say at the back then? :)

--Antti, 21-Sep-2005

"This too shall pass."

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Sep-2005

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