Technology never ceases to amaze me

On Wednesday, I witnessed an amazing technological feat that we have never been able to do before:

I am sitting in a pub - your average pub - discussing the blog awards. So, my mate writes down notes with his trusty Windows XP laptop. The night draws to a close, and we face the task of moving the text file to my laptop, which is at home.

He beams the file to his PocketPC machine. It opens there - we are amazed.

He then beams the file to my Nokia cell phone. I am now completely flabbergasted, because it actually opens in the Note pad of the cell phone! No character set errors, no broken line breaks!

I walk home, and send the file from my phone to my Powerbook using Bluetooth. And lo and behold! It WORKS! Seamlessly, perfectly! I have never (and I mean never!) in all my computing life seen things like this work on the first try.

Transfer of a plain text file (with Finnish characters, so no pure ASCII!) from Windows XP -> Pocket PC -> Symbian -> Mac OSX. We have truly come far.

I wait the future with breathless anticipation.


What!?! A Real digital convergence. This is something I have wanted to see years. Is this it? Are we really there?

--Schizo-Janne, 21-Mar-2004

Sadly, no. What Butt-Janne is neglecting to mention is that when he emailed the file to Britain, it broke.

Also, I really hate the word "flabbergasted".

--J-Ko, 21-Mar-2004

Oh right... I wasn't quite sure who it was who hated it, so I had to try and check :)

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Mar-2004

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